COVID UPDATE – January 5, 2022

We have had 2 additional team members at the Healthcare Center test positive and another at Friendship Towers test positive since our count yesterday.

By and large, most all that have tested positive are having the symptoms of a cold, if they are showing symptoms. Most are feeling crummy for a day or two and then feeling much improved.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have reached out to request a strike team to relieve staffing challenges at the Healthcare Center and we have been put on a waiting list. Today a shipment of N95 masks, gowns, PPE and sanitizing solution was delivered to campus by the KY Emergency Operations Center.

Please lift up our team as they are all banding together to stop the spread of COVID on campus. As cases increase throughout the county, we’re doing everything we can to stamp it out here. Rest assured that residents are being swiftly tested if they show any sign/symptom of COVID.


  • All Healthcare Center (SHC) residents and all staff (both regardless of vaccination status) will PCR test on Thursday, 1/6.
  • All Friendship Towers staff (regardless of vaccination) will PCR test this Thursday, 1/6. Any resident showing any sign or symptom will be tested as well.
  • Results seem to be taking longer to get back from the lab. This is in no doubt due to the uptick in testing, but we want to set expectations for tomorrow evening. We do not think we will have all, if any, of the results by 5 PM.

Additional Mitigation Steps

  • All Healthcare Center communal dining and group activities has been paused.
  • All staff are in N95 masks. No more than 2 in a break room at any time.
  • Stepped up cleaning and sanitization is taking place.
  • All residents at Baunta and Forest View are required to wear masks in all common areas. All residents are encouraged to wear masks when in hallways at Friendship Towers and the Healthcare Center.
  • We have paused admissions at the Healthcare Center.
  • UV light sanitizers are in place in the HVAC at both Friendship Towers and the Healthcare Center.
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