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Good News About Your Great Support!

We love it when we can share with you genuinely wonderful news that demonstrates how your support is helping to enhance the quality of life for older adults at Sayre Christian Village. Your generosity helps to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in unreimbursed care, equipment, spiritual programming, activities programming, transportation, and volunteer services.

Unreimbursed Care

Unreimbursed Care




Spiritual Programming

We want to share this news with you to show how your kindness is positively impacting the lives of older adults and to say Thank You! While much has been accomplished, more challenges for older adults await this year and beyond.


Activities Programming




Volunteer Services

We’re prayerfully counting on you to be there as part of an ongoing partnership in the Gospel so together we can continue to enhance the quality of life for older adults and their families for generations to come.

Please consider continuing support. You may contribute to the ongoing quality of life for older adults by giving online.

Sayre Christian Village is a 501c3 organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Help Create a Better World for Others – Include a Bequest in Your Will

A bequest is a way for you to leave a lasting legacy and to help Sayre’s ministry continue to provide life-enhancing service to older adults long into the future.

Through your estate plan, please prayerfully consider ensuring a lasting legacy and permanently preserving the Christ-centered values to which your have dedicated your life through a bequest to Sayre.

It’s an easy thing to do. Talk with your family, talk with your trusted advisors, and then talk with us by contacting Alice Greene by telephone at (859) 514-0045 or by email at

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