SHC Sweetheart Dinner

February 10th, 2023 | 4 PM

Sweetheart Dinner

Love is in the air!

Healthcare Center couples were invited to dine at an intimate ‘pop-up’ restaurant tonight where they enjoyed a three-course Italian dinner.
Guests were greeted at the hostess stand and seated as romantic music filled the air. Couples chatted with their spouse, sipped sparkling mocktails, and remarked at how long it had been since they had an evening ‘out’ together.
As they were serenaded by Paula and Carolyne, Sarah and Angela passed out a final dessert – chocolate-dipped fortune cookies with a special message.
Was it the ancillary gym or was it the most intimate, love-filled restaurant in Lexington this Friday? You don’t have to tell me!

Check out the sweet pictures of the evening!

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