Outstanding Caregiver Award Nominee

Tammy Ingram KSLA 2022 Award Nominee

Outstanding Caregiver Award Nominee Tammy Ingram, Lead Resident Assistant, has been providing godly and personalized care at Sayre Christian Village for fifteen years. She began her tenure working for Sayre in May of 2006.

Tammy says that working “as a Resident Assistant, I have had the opportunity to engage daily with our residents with assisting with care, just being a good companion and being there to help in times of need. Being their Angel as some have told me. I also engage with their families to assist and listen to their needs as well.”

Tammy is referred to as being “a true GEM!!!” by her supervisor, Bobby Greene. She has such heart, compassion, patience and sincere love for her residents! She ensures they are taken care of, shown the upmost respect, and takes time to become their “best friend”.

Over the past couple of years, Tammy has spent countless hours with the residents as many had family members who could not come see them due to the COVID pandemic. Tammy made certain that the residents at Friendship Towers were checked on, had someone to talk with, and knew that they were not forgotten.

Tammy often comes in on her own time to spend time with the residents and families, to participate in special programs with them, and is always willing to sacrifice her own time to ensure they have what they need.

Tammy is very loyal, dependable and so knowledgeable! She will sit and talk with a resident for as long as they want to talk, never making them feel like she needs to do anything other than give them the attention that they deserve.

Tammy has grown in her role over the years. She serves to mentor and train new employees and in doing so stresses the importance of the staff remembering that we are guest in the resident’s homes instead of treating this as a place to come to work.

The employees can easily see the dedication, respect and attention that Tammy gives to the residents under her care and mirror her example.

When asked about working at Sayre, Tammy says, “I absolutely love my residents and coworkers! It makes me happy to see the residents smile. We are all like a BIG family! We work as a team.”

Tammy is one that doesn’t want to do her job in the spotlight or want attention for what she does. Tammy is very quiet; she comes in daily ready to work, stays focuses on her residents’ care, spends her time with them, leaving as quietly as she came!

Tammy has a wonderful fiancée Rob; they have been together for six years. Together they share their fur baby, Chewy.  The residents often ask her about her ‘baby.’ They enjoy seeing her fur baby and it makes her happy to see the residents smile. Rob and Tammy both enjoy the outdoors hiking, camping, water activities, and of course Kentucky Basketball.

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