Outstanding Community Staff Nominee

Renay Sawyers Kentucky Senior Living Association 2022 Awards

“Hi Sweet Pea!” “Good Morning Girlfriend!”

These are just some of the greetings you might hear when you work with the very jovial, loyal and hard-working Marilyn Renay Sawyers.

Renay Sawyers, Lead Server in Dining at Friendship Towers, continues to be an outstanding care giver.

First Lady of the Dining Team

She has worked on our campus for over fourteen years. She works not only in the dining area, but also assists by assisting as a Resident Assistant when needed.

Renay meets all new residents on the first day they move in, gets a list of likes/dislikes (and memorizes them). Not only does she learn about their food choices, but she takes time to learn about them. What makes them special and unique!

Always On The Go

Renay does an amazing job of balancing her work and a demanding home life. She is the mother of 4 adult children. She and her husband have also adopted two of their grandchildren and provide housing for one son and his new family. While she doesn’t carry the burdens of home to work, she shares the joys of home with her resident friends. The resident’s love the inclusion! 

Those who are on staff in other departments have noticed her “caring and genuine loving-kindness which makes her one of the favorites of our residents” at Friendship Towers on the Sayre Christian Village Campus.

Working alongside Renay is a learning experience as she shares her ideas and helpful hints on how to serve more efficiently.

Renay picks up the slack when a job needs to be done and no one else is available to do it. Her duties as Lead Server not only include supervising her staff, but a myriad of details requiring daily attention. However, Renay’s first love is to associate with the residents. She visits in their apartments while discussing menu choices and visits them at their table in the dining room. Residents are part of her extended family.

A Great Example To Follow

Renay has been referred to as a “person of very good moral character. She operates with integrity and never has a bad word to say about anyone. She never leaves a job unfinished.”

Another employee adds that “Renay always goes the extra mile to help all of Sayre’s residents and staff. Her detailed knowledge of each resident’s food and beverage preferences include ice cream preferences or who needs their food cut up. Renay has been caught working hard even when she wasn’t aware of being observed.”

Renay touches the lives of the residents on a daily basis. During a recent COVID outbreak in which the residents were quarantined to their apartments, she wrote sweet notes on the resident meal boxes.  She makes sure that residents get those “little” special things. For example, another time a resident had just returned from the hospital and couldn’t leave his room, an employee was preparing to deliver his dinner when Renay said “wait a minute, I can’t let you take that without sending this.” She proceeded to fix a cup of fresh fruit with a special note written on the lid for him. When the employee delivered it, the resident read the note and the biggest smile came to his face! Those little things you will find Renay doing every day! That takes a “heart” of a true care giver that LOVES her residents, to go “that extra mile” to make them smile!

Volunteering For Her Residents

Renay was absolutely instrumental in making the first Lent Fish Fry a success last year because of her ability to multitask her regular evening dining duties while running point for the busy Friday events. Proceeds went to the Resident Honor Fund that provides benevolent care for our healthcare center residents. She was cheerful and so helpful – working hard at the end of her busy weeks to make these fundraisers efficient and prosperous.

Renay is a true team player, never wanting or expecting praise or special attention for all the sacrifice that she does! She truly does it “for the resident”, they ALWAYS come FIRST! She knows the community she serves with devotion. She is very deserving of the Outstanding Community Star Award.

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