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Improved Quality of Life at Sayre

Living at Sayre

Can you believe that a woman who could not walk would move to a nursing home and would be back on her feet again in less than a year? That’s exactly the story that Sayre Christian Village Healthcare Center resident Frances Sharfe and her family have to tell. Many expect their loves ones to decline during their stay at a nursing home, but Frances, like many Sayre residents, began to thrive.

Over 12 years ago, Frances had numerous health problems, including a fall in which she broke her back, crushing three vertebrae. In daily excruciating pain, her husband was afraid for Frances to walk anymore due to the risk of another fall. She rarely walked. Eventually, she could not get up at all.

When Frances’ husband passed away, her daughter, Beverly, began to research nursing homes. She knew her mother needed 24/7 care. Beverly said, “I was so thrilled to find Sayre Christian Village after touring some of the other nursing facilities and seeing the difference.”

A New Lifestyle

So Frances moved to Sayre and immediately began receiving physical therapy twice a day. Frances’ health began to improve. She started going on trips with the Sayre Healthcare Center to places like Keeneland and the Newport Aquarium. Frances says, “I was in a wheelchair for five years and my husband took care of me. I was helpless when I came here and needed two people to help transfer me. Now I am walking with a walker – thanks to therapy and the Lord! Now I go out with my family in their car and I go out with the Sayre residents on outings each month.”

Her daughter, Beverly, said that she and the rest of her family are amazed at Frances’ improvement. People who have seen pictures of her mother say she looks 20 years younger than the last time they saw her! “Mother used to just sit and watch TV. If I had brought her to live in my home that is probably just exactly what she would have done.” However, since her mother came to live at Sayre, she has had therapy, socialization, and quality of life – all the things Beverly wanted most for her mother.

Both Frances and Beverly are extremely happy that they made the decision for Frances to live at the Sayre Healthcare Center. Frances said, “My husband was so worried before he died because he knew I would have to go to a nursing home. If he knew I was in a place like this, he would be so happy.” We never want to have to imagine what it would be like without a place like Sayre Christian Village with well-trained, warm and caring staff. Sayre is a place where older adults who find themselves in the midst of life’s difficulties can find an oasis and a place of hope, housing and healthcare.

Purpose Through Knitting

Frances was able to find a purpose at Sayre by knitting scarves for people in need. She credits “therapists at Sayre, the sense of community here and the Lord,” for her new passion in life.

Serving & Living at Sayre

Sayre Christian Village has been giving award-winning service to seniors in the Bluegrass for over 35 years. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission. Volunteer at Sayre. It is a rewarding experience for both you and our residents! Curious about life at Sayre? Request a tour.

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