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Volunteering at Sayre Post Retirement

When Ann Ham retired back in 1993, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her time other than oversee the construction of building her new home.  However, by 1995 her home was completed and she was looking for a new project.

She found it when she began volunteering at Sayre Christian Village doing manicures for the residents.  Not only did the residents look forward to getting pampered with a fresh manicure, but Ann found that she loved the personal, one-on-one time with each resident to share a time of conversation and just to be able to hold a resident’s hand as she worked.

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Finding a New Passion

For over 17 years, Ann volunteered in this ministry and had the privilege to work with numerous Healthcare Activities Directors and staff until her arthritis forced her to stop doing manicures.  But as Ann says, “Once you come and spend time with the residents here, you are hooked.  You can’t imagine not being involved in their lives.”

So, she decided to spend time with Sayre residents by going on trips and outings with them.  And although she continues to go on trips as needed, perhaps Ann is now best-known for being the “Flower Lady.”

Sunshine and Flowers

For several years, Ann made flower arrangements from donated flowers and delivered them to Healthcare Center residents each week.  Any Sayre employee or family member of a resident will tell you that the residents looked forward to  flowers and even more to the time that Ann shared with them as her delivery cart rolled down the hallways. She took time for a visit at each room.  Ann’s sweet disposition is heart-warming and employees and residents alike will tell you they welcomed the sunshine and flowers that Ann brought into their lives!

Ann has made Sayre Christian Village her home now and is thankful for the friendships she has all over campus. Ann would like to invite others to come volunteer and find their place to serve at Sayre Christian Village.

Looking to Volunteer

Sayre Christian Village has been giving award-winning service to seniors in the Bluegrass for over 35 years. Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission. Volunteer at Sayre. It is a rewarding experience for both you and our residents!

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