COVID UPDATE – January 3, 2022


On Monday, 1/3 we tested all residents and any unvaccinated staff. We hope to have those results as soon as possible considering the significant uptick in testing around the county due to return to work and school from the holidays. We anticipate those test results returning tomorrow.

We currently have 5 staff members positive (one was released today and a member of the therapy team has tested positive today) and 1 resident in isolation at Sayre Healthcare Center.

We will test all residents and any unvaccinated staff on Thursday, 1/6. We are not currently dining in the Life Enrichment Center and all staff have returned to N95 masks. We are hosting group activities, as long as residents can be reasonably socially distanced.


We have had one staff member test positive today. Contact tracing has determined that the case is from outside the community. The staff member is in isolation at home and will comply with the health department for release date.

We test all unvaccinated Friendship Towers staff on Mondays and in light of the uptick in local cases, we will start to test any unvaccinated staff on Thursdays also.  As of today Friendship Towers staff will start wearing N95 at all times. Any residents that reports not feeling well or has any cold/COVID like symptoms is rapid tested out of abundance of caution. We tested three residents today and all rapid tests have been negative.


We have one staff member positive and one resident positive. Both cases can be traced to origins from outside the community.

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