COVID UPDATE | May 2, 2022

Long Term Care Staff Testing Frequency

Effective May 1, 2022, the “LTC Indicator Map” will no longer be applicable to determining Long Term Care testing frequency.

Routine testing of unvaccinated staff should be based on the extent of the virus in the community. Fully vaccinated staff do not have to be routinely tested. Facilities will use their county positivity rate** in the prior week as the trigger for staff testing frequency.

Table 2: Routine Testing Intervals Vary by Community COVID-19 Activity Level

COVID-19 Activity
County Positivity Rate in the past week Minimum Testing Frequency of Unvaccinated Staff+
Low <5% Once a month
Medium 5%–10% Once a week
High >10% Twice a week

**While the QSO refers to the county positivity rate, CHFS confirms that providers should use the county Community Level map on the CDC website which corresponds to the LTC map providers have been using recently.

Vaccine Booster Clinic

The on-site COVID clinic will be May 10th at the Healthcare Center and May 11th for Housing Residents in the Friendship Towers Café and Baunta Chapel.

To receive a “2nd booster,” employees and residents must be 50+ or have an outstanding medical condition that puts them at a higher risk of contracting COVID.  We can offer 1st, 2nd, or initial doses to any employee or resident that is eligible and wants to receive. 


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