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COVID UPDATE – January 11, 2022

Please note that we have changed the above dashboard to report OPEN CASES for all residents and NEW POSITIVES for staff due to the recent changes to the various CDC isolation guidelines for long-term care professionals. 

Please follow our Facebook page to see all the ways that #LoveStillGetsIn, regardless of the COVID mitigation and pause to communal activities across campus.

Friendship Towers

Residents and staff all PCR tested at FT on Monday, 1/10. Not all results have returned yet from the lab and we do not expect them to come in till after 6 PM tonight. If your loved one is positive, the POA will receive a call from the team.

All residents and staff will test again on Thursday, 1/13.

Sayre Healthcare Center

We did have 4 new staff positive cases from the 1/10 PCR testing at the SHC and no new residents to report at this time. Residents and staff will test again on 1/13.

Drive-Thru COVID Testing on Campus

Due to staffing changes and volume, the LabTox drive-thru site will now be open 1 PM – 5 PM Monday – Friday. They have been out of rapid test kits for 2 days but they do believe they will have a shipment tomorrow.

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