COVID UPDATE – February 4, 2022

Today we are grateful for 22 staff members that stayed the night on campus to ensure that there would be care this morning for residents if the roads were in too poor condition for some to make it in. We also had a multitude more that came in early for their shifts last night to make sure they made it on time and didn’t get delayed by any impending weather. That’s teamwork and true care for their residents!

We are extremely grateful that we were spared the terrible weather that seemed inevitable!

Mostly, today, we’re grateful for no new positive staff or resident COVID cases on campus.


We will be testing Unit 100 & 200 and all staff on Monday, 2/7 at the Healthcare Center. We will be testing all residents and staff in the Assisted Living Memory Care Community at Friendship Towers on 2/7 as well.

The SCV Hotline

As we continue to address staffing challenges and find ways to be good stewards with our resources, many staff that occupy offices with phones/voicemail are often working the floor or attending to other things throughout the day and we can’t express enough our appreciation for them pivoting whenever it is necessary to ensure the resident care remains our top priority!

Occasionally, an unintentional voicemail doesn’t get returned. While staff are doing the best they can, our protocol is to return all messages within 24 hours. If you have contacted someone and have not received a response within 24 hours during the week or 48 hours on the weekend, please leave a message on the SCV Hotline at 859-899-0831 or dial ext 314. 

The SCV Hotline will be checked for new messages on a daily basis. Thank you for your grace during this busy time!

If you have an emergency, please call 911 or call 859-271-9000 and leave a message with the reception team.


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