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COVID UPDATE | February 22, 2022


Sayre Healthcare Center

We have an additional staff member that has tested positive on Unit 100. Unit 100 is currently paused to activities and communal dining.

Friendship Towers

Friendship Towers has had two additional residents from the Heritage/Expansion test positive today. All Friendship Towers COVID positive have been picked up by Home Health to help manage their care. 

PLEASE NOTE: Dining information below applies only to Heritage & Expansion Residents Only. Dining information below does not apply to Assisted Living Memory Care

I want to applaud residents and staff for their quick move to ‘hunker down’ for the next couple of days so that we can get this virus out of the building!

Tuesday Breakfast

We will be dropping off complimentary breakfast to all Heritage Wing and Expansion residents this morning.

We will continue this complimentary breakfast on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well!

Tuesday Lunch & Dinner

Today, we’ll be serving all Heritage and Expansion residents the daily special for lunch and dinner meals.

When we drop off the lunch meal, we will hand out a menu for the rest of the week with choices between the daily specials and a la carte. The daily special will be the preferred choice to help the kitchen – they will be preparing all meals in a smaller time frame versus the come-and-go timing that is typical with all day dining.

We ask that all residents please fill out their meal choices by dinner service so that we can pick those up and be ready for the rest of the week.

Residents that are not feeling well will be contacted by staff and asked if there are certain comfort foods that they would like to have for a gentle diet.

Masks Are Not Optional

While the positivity rate is going down everywhere and masks mandates are loosening, we must be diligent to tamp down this outbreak.

Masks are required in the building. Staff are in N95s.  

Additionally, everyone must also screen and scan when entering the building, regardless of which entrance they use, Expansion or Front Entrance, per guidance.

If we stumble upon a visitor without a mask or that hasn’t screened/scanned in, we will have to politely ask them to leave.

There is a new station at the Expansion Entrance to screen and scan in if you use that entrance.


Please direct questions to Bobby Green or ">Karen Venis today while Vicki is offsite. Remember, the COVID website page is updated with new information and we also have that same COVID information located on a bulletin board on the first floor of the Heritage Wings by the elevators.

Email Addresses

If you are not receiving COVID update or newsletter emails from Friendship Towers and would like to do so, please send your email address and name and relationship to resident to Allie Patrick at .

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