Winter Storm Relief

Winter Storm Elliott

At the end of the day, Winter Storm Elliott wreaked havoc on our building.

We sustained damage downstairs to the Human Resources spaces, and upstairs in the Life Enrichment Center, the Unit 1 Dayroom, Nutrition Room, and major damage to the Activities Room with a collapsed ceiling and light fixtures.

If you were here over the Christmas holiday, you know the storm didn’t spare much, taking out the laundry machines, the sprinkler system, the heat, and the dish machine. There was water everywhere in the areas above, but we’re proud of the way our staff stepped in to move swiftly and clean up the immediate messes to keep residents safe.

Pipes, sprinkler systems, heat, and machines have been repaired or replaced and now contractors will be coming in to overhaul the damage done to the larger areas.

Team SCV is mission-driven and while the extreme weather interrupted family holiday plans for so many on campus, we are reminded that we truly do have the best staff that care about the wellbeing of our residents.

How can you help?

Please pray for thanksgiving as we build back stronger and if you can, GIVE.

The Activity Room is a central meeting place for our residents and families, where they have some of their most enjoyable moments here on campus.

As a nonprofit, our budget is narrow. Unbudgeted costs from cleanup, laundromat, supplies, equipment and over $65,000 in contractor repairs SCV will pay out of pocket due to an extremely high deductible will pull from funds that were budgeted elsewhere.



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