Kori Chambers – LeadingAge Nominee

Kori ChambersCaring Hands Award

Kori Chambers is a blessing to so many residents and team members at Sayre Christian Village and is very deserving of a nomination for the LeadingAge Kentucky Caring Hands Award.

When Kori was hired, she was homeless and she and her daughter were living in her car. Kori would work as many extra shifts as we would offer to get back on her feet.

Kori is also a beautician by trade and volunteered to come in during her free time and wash and style our residents hair. Kori said, “It’s so important to my residents that they look their best because that will also help them feel their best!”

Caring through COVID

Kori was the first SRNA to volunteer to work in our COVID unit and worked diligently to get and keep the unit organized. Kori would ensure that the residents were able to FaceTime with their family members regardless of what else was happening on the unit – she made time to make connections with families and the family members absolutely adore her!

She also would be found in the kitchen, ensuring her residents had just what they wanted to eat when they were sick – comfort foods.

During our COVID outbreak, we had to relocate over 40 residents to our COVID unit in one night and Kori stayed with us and worked until midnight, when the last resident had been relocated.

Kori has a way about her to get whatever help she needs from her team members because she respects them and is never one to say “that’s not my job”.

Memory Care Mover and Shaker

Kori works on our skilled memory care unit and she is never one to sit down at the nurses station, she spends every minute she is working either providing care or spending time dancing, singing and praying with our residents.

Guardian Angel

Karen Venis says, “Kori refers to me as her ‘guardian angel CEO’ for all of the ways we have supported her and helped her get back on her feet but in reality, she is ‘my guardian nursing assistant,’ she is who I would want to care for me or my family if needed.”

Kori is a rockSTAR and does everything she can to live our mission and support the work that we do. Congrats Kori!

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