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Chrissy Davis – LeadingAge Award Nominee

2021 LeadingAge KY Nursing Excellence Nomination

Chrissy was hired at Sayre in 2004 as a nursing assistant and worked while going to school to become a nurse. In February of 2012, her dream came true and she obtained her license as a LPN and has worked at Sayre as a staff or charge nurse ever since.

Chrissy is passionate about long term care. In fact, in her spare time, she and another nurse at Sayre started a school for nursing assistants to obtain their SRNA certifications. Chrissy is one of the strongest nurses we have on staff at Sayre – she knows our residents inside and out and also has a rapport with family members that is more than impressive.


During the COVID pandemic, she would make sure that her residents stayed connected with their loved ones. She would text/call or FaceTime with family members and family members came to appreciate how much Chrissy cared for her residents!

One resident’s family member brought his wife Rally’s for lunch every day during the visitor restrictions. Chrissy would make sure that the resident received her meal and would spend time assisting the resident with her meals every single day. If there was a day they family member couldn’t bring his bride her lunch, Chrissy would go to Rally’s on her own time and her own dime to ensure the resident got her favorite lunch.

Chrissy worked countless additional shifts during COVID and would also fill in for staff development to assist with staff education. Chrissy has the utmost respect and appreciation for SRNAs and is constantly looking for ways to build them up, help them and train them to become better employees.

When meal service went from communal dining to in-room dining, Chrissy was instrumental in assisting us with coming up with a plan that would work and ensure meal service was a success.

Loyal Idea Generator 

Chrissy is very loyal to our ministry and isn’t afraid to speak up with her ideas to improve our processes, but always does so with a solution as well! She is extremely organized and a critical thinker.

Chrissy is truly one of the most compassionate nurses we have on staff and is very deserving of a nomination for the Nursing Excellence Award.

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