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COVID UPDATE | July 5, 2022

Healthcare Center

All residents that tested negative on Unit 400 on Monday, July 4th will be re-tested tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5th.

COVID Communications

At the beginning and during the peak of the pandemic, we provided daily communication/updates about “all-things” COVID related on our campus and we used several methods of communication to be sure that everyone stayed informed.

  • “One-call” system that sent voice messages,
  • Text messages
  • Emails to our SCV residents, families and staff on nearly a daily basis.
  • COVID Hotline
  • Website COVID update page
  • Social Media

When we had access to a vaccine and the positivity rate declined, we reduced our communications based on feedback that what we were sending was “too frequent and no longer necessary.” 

While we stopped sending the frequent communications to our staff, families and residents, we committed to keeping everyone informed by updating our website in the event we had any new cases or new information to report.


Please bookmark the link on your phone/mobile device and feel free to check it at any time – it is updated as soon as we have new information to share as it relates to COVID.

As posted on our website, we do currently have an outbreak on Unit 4 at SHC – 11 residents and 3 staff, 2 of which have been released to return to work.

Masks, Contact Tracing, Testing

At this time, all SHC employees are required to wear N-95 masks, regardless of vaccination status. 

When we have a resident or employee test positive, we continue to work with the Health Dept and follow their lead, which is consistent with CMS and CDC guidance.

  • If we are able to conduct thorough contact tracing, we will test residents/staff who were close contacts with the COVID-positive individual.
  • If we are unable to determine close contacts, we conduct surveillance testing until we have no new positive cases, again in accordance with CMS/CDC guidelines.

Additionally, at SHC if we have a new case or are in an outbreak situation, a notice stating that information is posted on the front door of the building.

As an added precaution, we will also post the notice on the door of the affected unit.

PPE/Signage on Resident Doors – Residents at SHC and Friendship Towers who are on isolation precautions for COVID have PPE as well as signage on their door to inform staff, residents and families of the necessary precautions to take prior to entering the room.

We currently do not have any other known cases on campus at this time but are still requiring that employees at Baunta, Forest View and Friendship wear masks. 

If you have any questions about the SCV COVID protocol, please reach out to and we will respond in a timely manner or contact Rachel Mann, Director of Nursing or Penny Upton, VP of Healthcare Services at the Healthcare Center or Vicki Phillips, VP of Assisted and Independent Living at Friendship Towers.

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