COVID UPDATE – January 25, 2022

While in some ways our circumstances have improved ten-fold from this time last year (AMEN for access to vaccines and no visitor restrictions), we have other challenges we couldn’t imagine that we’d be facing today. The critical staffing challenges that we, and all of healthcare, are facing right now can’t be overstated. 


In 2020, we had a COVID outbreak at Friendship Towers. In 2021, we’re battling COVID on two fronts, at both Friendship and Sayre Healthcare Center due to the incredibly transmissible omicron variant. 

We have most of the results back from the lab and last night we had 5 additional staff positives at SHC and 1 new resident from Unit 100. Family is aware and resident is isolated, following guidelines.

We will not resume communal activities on Unit 100 at this time, and continue with group activities on 200 and 400.

Kentucky National Guard

We continue to be grateful for the partnerships we have at the local and state level. We have had 5 soldiers deployed to our campus since January 19th and they will be here throughout the duration of this week as well.


They are serving as extra boots on the ground at both Sayre Healthcare Center and at Friendship Towers to assist with extra cleaning, maintenance projects, and organizing PPE. 


Phone Calls 

For transparency, we’d like to set expectations for phone calls to SHC units. Pre-pandemic, we had a charge nurse that was at a desk and available to answer calls for each unit. 


As we have reached critical staffing levels due to COVID, those administration roles have evolved to move from out from behind desks and directly onto the floor to provide resident care. 


While a nurse on each unit does carry a phone, they are not able to answer incoming calls many times due to HIPAA or infection control protocols while in active resident care. 


If you are not able to reach the unit or it is a medical emergency, please call (859) 271-9000 and press “0” to speak with the reception team. You may leave a message with them or ask them to relay the emergent situation. 


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