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COVID UPDATE – February 9, 2022

Great news – no new cases at Sayre Healthcare Center as a result of testing for the last 2 rounds which means the following for residents and staff at Sayre Healthcare Center:

  • Vaccinated staff can go back to surgical masks!
  • Unvaccinated staff still required to wear N-95 masks
  • Communal dining resumes in LEC on Thursday, 02/10/2022!
  • Testing goes back to unvaccinated staff only (unless staff or residents have symptoms) twice a week.  Unvaccinated staff need to test on Mondays and Thursdays (Sundays if working the weekend)

We do still have positive cases at Friendship Towers.  Continue keeping focused on good hand hygiene, wearing your mask, etc.  We will continue testing ALMC residents and staff until we go 2 rounds with no new positive cases.

Family Council

Please note the date change for the Sayre Healthcare Center Family Council. The new date will be February 22, from 5 pm – 6 pm with VP/Healthcare Services Penny Upton.



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