Hope for the Holidays 2020

2020 has been a year that no one could have ever imagined.

Although we have not been able to do things normally, one thing that has not changed is that we are still called to love and serve one another.

We are so blessed that you allowed us the privilege of caring and serving your loved one here at Sayre Christian Village.

Hope for the Holidays

This year, we hosted our annual “Hope for The Holidays” event virtually and recorded it for you. This is a time where we remember and honor those who have passed away during 2020 at the Healthcare Center, Friendship Towers, Baunta & Forest View Apartments.

Many family members have said that they missed having a way to honor their loved one in a manner that they would have liked due to COVID restrictions on gatherings at the time of passing.

We hope that this message might give you that opportunity to reflect and memorialize your loved one that you might normally have had at a larger visitation or service. (Please note that the reading of the names does not always go in alphabetical order – it jumps around a bit).

Please feel free to email the link to any other family members to give them a chance to remember your loved one and to help facilitate grief discussions as we head into the holidays.

I am here…we are here…for you always.

Chaplain Tyler Greene

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