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Spiritual Care Nomination CHAPLAIN TYLER GREENE

From the moment Tyler Greene was hired as our Chaplain at Sayre Christian Village, his mission has been to bring people closer to Jesus, whether it be residents, staff, volunteers or family members.

His faith, energy, positive attitude, and love for people are evident the first time you meet him. Since COVID-19, we can’t count of all the NEW ways in which he has served his flock here.

Chaplain Tyler is a Godsend

“I am glad God sent Chaplain Tyler to Sayre Christian Village,” remarked Gene Bailey, devoted family member and two-time-a-day-visitor before COVID. His compassion for stressed and anxious families knows no bounds.

Recently, Tyler has been instrumental in providing a facelift to our chapel and is the driving force behind the additional chapel on campus, complete with prayer board. He is always praying for our team.

He has hosted quarterly lantern releases to memorialize those that have been lost and to give closure to families and staff. Tyler often attends, and many times conducts, funeral services for his residents, traveling all over the state, if need be.

He is Family

“Chaplain Tyler became part of our family, he is special,” said former-resident family member Phyllis James.

He has increased the attendance of our Bible Studies and Church services, averaging 75 and 55 attendees respectively! When he is delivering his messages, he includes many of the residents, calling them by name, which they enjoy. After his services, he hugs or shakes the hand of each resident. Due to communal restrictions, he has gone digital, creating very meaningful sermons that are accessible to a wider audience than ever before, bringing comfort and hope to all.

Family member Karen Lugar says, “Chaplain Tyler is the hands and feet of Jesus. If there is a need, he will figure out a solution.”

Chaplain Tyler is a Team Player

Tyler is a true-team player and is always the first person to volunteer to help other departments when there is a need. He participates in so many activities beyond the scope of his role and the staff and residents respect him for that.

During COVID, Tyler has become THE face of Sayre by leading most all Window Visits and many of the Virtual (video chat) Visits. Families & residents trust him so much, that his presence to assist is not an intrusion. He is seen as a welcome facilitator, making the sometimes-anxious moments go smoothly.

“Tyler is one of the most faithful, caring and kind individuals we know, and Sayre Christian is lucky to have him,” said resident Charlotte.

Tyler is genuinely committed to showing the love of Jesus to everyone he encounters. What an awesome inspiration he is to all residents and staff. For these and many more reasons, we are thrilled that Chaplain Tyler has been nominated for the LeadingAge Kentucky Spiritual Care Award.

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