Respite Stay Respite care is a helping hand when you need it, whether you're a caregiver in need of short-term relief or a person recovering from an illness or surgery.

Sayre Christian Village offers short term respite stays in Friendship Towers Assisted Living that can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual.

Caregiver RElief

We know that there is often guilt associated with traveling because it can take you away from your loved one. We are glad to offer you peace of mind because we know that you need to be recharged from time-to-time due to the complications and stress that can come with being the main caregiver for a family member. Please think of us as a support system when you need us.

Recovery from Illness or Surgery

You may be independent, but surgery or illness is never convenient. Sometimes you just need extra help transitioning from hospital to home.

Your procedure may come at a time of year when family or friends are out of town or not available to assist with daily things like ensuring you have balanced and healthy meals, assistance with medication reminders, help with getting back and forth to the restroom, and more

That's what respite care is for. We're here to be as convenient as a hotel with the safety, security and assistance of a top-rated older adult certified assisted living community.

Try Out Our Community

It's ok to be curious! If you're on the fence about transitioning to a life plan community like Sayre Christian Village, we encourage you to try us out!

Join us for a couple days or more and experience what it's like to live at Friendship Towers. We are on a mission to empower our residents to live their lives to the fullest, find enrichment in daily activities and offer social functions that combat loneliness.

Respite Stay

A fully-furnished one bedroom apartment with full kitchen and all the amenities that residents enjoy, including activities, social functions and assisted living services is available for those taking advantage of a respite stay. Your stay also includes:

  • Three chef prepared meals per day.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, therapy and grocery store are included.
  • Respite stays can be tailored to the length of stay that fits your needs.
  • Should you need it, our outpatient therapy is just across campus and boasts and award-winning team with the most advanced therapy equipment to help you get on the road to recovery faster.
  • Assisted living services are included, such as assistance to and from the bathroom, medication reminders, shower assistance, etc.

An assessment by our Assisted Living Director is required before stay begins to determine if assisted living services are required.

Please contact Vicki Phillips at 859-271- 1469 for more information or email her at