The Health & Wellness Center
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Older adults  face health issues that can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple diagnoses.  Many times important questions go unanswered and medical staff are not always available when needed, often resulting in trips to emergency rooms.  A visit to a medical professional is usually the first line of defense against illness and can be the most important step in combating a possibly chronic or debilitating condition.  Accessibility to doctors’ offices and good medical care can take weeks.  Often our older population cannot wait that length of time without experiencing serious problems.

The Health & Wellness Center at Sayre Christian Village has been established in an effort to make health care as expedient and accessible as possible for our residents, staff and families.  Bad weather, transportation issues and long waits for appointments are a thing of the past.  A Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse assist patients in the clinic or in their home, if needed.  They work with the patient’s primary doctor sharing any pertinent information necessary.  Sayre Clinic patients may also choose the Nurse Practitioner here to be their Primary Care Provider.

The Health & Wellness Center is the first of its kind located on a residential campus.  The clinic has been awarded “Innovation of the Year” by the Kentucky Association of Homes & Services for the Aging and has received one of the four grants awarded nationally by Leading Age, a national organization promoting better aging in our country.

Along with primary medical care, the Health & Wellness Center promotes education in all areas of wellness.  Questions about prescribed medications, chronic illness, disease management, new symptoms, weight control, healthy exercise and medical supplies can be brought to the staff for a fast and thorough response.  Special clinics are also offered to further educate residents on specific topics.