Reflection of Life Community

Image - Healthcare - Dementia - preparing for potluck - Center ColumnAs life expectancies increase, so also does the probability that Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia will occur in older adults . These diseases take a toll on those afflicted  and place a heavy burden on the families who care for them.

Sayre Christian Village recognizes the need for a safe, peaceful, loving environment where residents with dementia may live with dignity.   In Sayre Christian Village’s Reflection of Life Community, residents can maintain independence and freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible.

The Reflection of Life Community introduces a unique concept of care for persons with dementia.  The community supports a total of 41 large private rooms and utilizes the small house care method.  Residents are cared for by highly trained staff who become part of the family.  The caregivers treat each resident individually, focusing on their special needs. No “cookie cutter” approaches!

Image - Healthcare - Dementia - Reflections Dining - Center ColumnThe Reflection of Life Community is patterned after a model developed by Jude Rabig,  nationally known for providing care to older adults.  She has been on-site at Sayre, helping us design, build, and furnish our “small houses”.  She has personally instructed our staff in the intricacies of  this type of loving care.

The self-contained small house is well-designed for easy usability by frail residents; it is organized and operated around the guiding principles of autonomy and dignity, and a home-like living environment is maximized.   It is a joy to experience the peace and harmony that results from this approach.

For further information or to arrange a facility tour, please contact our Admissions Coordinator.