News & Events What’s Happening at Sayre
Healthcare Center

Sayre Healthcare Center publishes a monthly newsletter called Sayre Healthcare Center Cares. In it you will find important updates from the Administrator dealing with issues ranging from regulation changes and required notifications to residents and families. There will be news of past and future resident and staff events and lots of action photos and news items depicting day-to-day happenings. Residents and families look forward to the Newsletter each month!

The Healthcare Center Activities Department creates monthly, jam-packed activities calendars:  Healthcare Center Activities Units 100 & 200 Calendar and Reflection of Life Activities Units 300 & 400 Calendars. 

Independent and Assisted Living

Sayre also produces the The Village News which comes out monthly, covering news and events primarily intended for the residents and employees of the Independent and Assisted Living buildings on Campus. There are sections for Forest View Apartments, Baunta Apartments and Friendship Towers along with a section covering campus-wide events.

The Independent and Assisted Living Activities team also creates two monthly calendars: the Friendship Towers Activities Calendar and the Baunta/Forest View Activities Calendar. Each calendar lists daily events of interest to the residents.

Christian Benevolent Outreach, Inc.

Sayre’s parent organization, Christian Benevolent Outreach, Inc. (CBO), publishes the Sayre Christian Village Outreach, a newsletter for donors, volunteers, and other supporters who care about older adults. The “Outreach” is published quarterly –  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.